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14 years focused on high transparent plastic packaging manufacturersBetter quality service for customers at home and abroad

More experienced
14 years focus on high transparent plastic packaging and R & D production, monthly 300W sets
9 automatic production lines, fully automated production workshop, 24 hours of continuous production.
Products are widely used in cosmetics, metal gifts, medical devices, electronic components, hardware knives, mobile phone peripherals, 3C digital, precious metals, scientific research experiments, photographic equipment, Christmas gifts, food health products, office stationery, cultural and educational supplies
Better quality
The company management team insists on doing one thing for a lifetime, making a product.
Create quality and create the future. All products are made of food grade non-toxic materials.
The products are certified by SGS and can be certified by EU ROHS environmental products.
More trustworthy
The common choice of many top 500 enterprises in the world
Big family laser, ONDA, OEAKI, NISI, Air France, Chanel, SK, ODODY, PINLO, High German infrared
Better service
10 minutes to respond to customer enquiries, customized products 2 hours quotation
400 different specifications, free samples.
Consultation of drawings and samples - design, mold opening, proofing production logistics distribution

Customization process

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Manufacturer of high transparent plastic packaging box

Dongguan Xinyimei Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 (Shenzhen Xinyimei Plastic Products Co., Ltd.), is an export company with many years of professional production of high transparent plastic packaging boxes, crystal boxes. Our products are widely used in gift, jewelry, stationery, precision …


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Packaging products are unique.

Packaging products are unique.

Packaging is an indispensable means of product storage. Good packaging can not only reduce the loss ...


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